Esthetic treatments have no secrets for us. After a full assessment of your current smile, we will offer you all dental care options you can benefit from. It can simply be a whitening, but sometimes a more complete transformation is necessary. Veneers or porcelain crowns are aesthetic treatments that allow us to correct many imperfections such as color, shape and minor malposition of teeth to achieve a WOW result! Do not worry, we will advise you so you can make the best decision.


Teeth whitening are becoming increasingly popular. However, it is not a minor treatment. We must evaluate why your teeth have yellowed over the years to give you the proper whitening method.

Our dentists will carry out a full examination of your mouth to determine why your teeth are not as white as before. This will ensure that they are in good condition prior to the treatment. Your dentist will recommend the most appropriate whitening method.


Some teeth have deep stains that are difficult to treat with whitening techniques. Sometimes, teeth can have signs of wear or malposition, and veneers can solve these problems.

Most of the time, veneers are made of porcelain, but they can also be made of composite but are less resistant in time and certainly less attractive. The veneer is a thin film bonded on the front side of the tooth. The natural tooth is slightly reduced, but we preserve as much of it as possible.

Following impression, veneers are made in the laboratory. The color is determined according to the color of your tooth. Since, we do not use metals this gives better esthetic results.

Then, the cementing strengthens the facets. The bonding is performed in a single session and the aesthetic result is immediate for the patient. Usually two sessions are enough to treat the teeth with veneers.


A porcelain crown is used to restore a tooth that was very destroyed or damaged aesthetically. Often the restoration of these teeth requires the use of a full crown since the veneers cannot meet the necessary changes. To this end, the tooth is prepared at a sufficient depth so that a new ring can be laid on the structure of the remaining natural tooth and covers its entire surface. The crowns are then cemented permanently on the prepared tooth. To harmonize the smile, the four or six anterior teeth will receive a porcelain crown. Your new smile will not go unnoticed!


At our clinic, we offer orthodontic care following the current new approaches. Both techniques can be used, and each has a specific purpose. Your dentist will explain which approach is the best for you. We do orthodontic treatments for children as well as adults.


Invisalign is the new revolutionary orthodontic technique that replaces metal housings. This approach is without wire, more comfortable, and requires fewer visits to your dentist for a perfect result.

Invisalign uses a series of removable translucent shells, almost invisible. Your orthodontic treatment goes unnoticed. These shells, made from a computerized technology gradually move your teeth to the final position planned by your dentist. Because they are removable, it is easier to keep a good dental hygiene compared to conventional treatment.

Gradually, as your teeth move, you change shells more or less every two weeks. To optimize the duration of the treatment, they should not be removed except to eat or drink. It takes about 18 to 24 months, but the duration of the treatment and the number of shells vary from person to person.


When your teeth need a major turnaround, the use of a technique with metallic boxes is required. At the Dental Clinic of Dr. Trujillo, we offer the Damon system that advocates a non-extraction approach and uses light biological forces. It is also possible to get the translucent boxes, made of porcelain. We promise you to improve the overall aesthetics of your face with your new smile.